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Expert Orangery Builder Liverpool

Expert Orangery Builder Liverpool Ashwater Construction started the foundations of a new orangery, to building control conditions. The ground was found to be virgin ground being clay conditions,thus being perfect to build off, we have excavated 36 ton of spoil we at Ashwater Construction are Expert Orangery builders in  Liverpool and the north west..

What is a Orangery.

What is an Orangery? An Orangery was once a symbol of wealth and affluence, originating from the 17th century renaissance gardens of Italy. Today’s modern Orangery is often used for extending the home, much like a conservatory, but with different structure & architectural features

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where you cook, dine, and occasionally entertain, and many of us would like to have more space in our kitchens. A simple way to make this room bigger, lighter, and more open is to install a kitchen orangery, which will give you more floor space, and also add an attractive feature to contemporary or period homes. Here’s why orangeries are an ideal choice for those looking to extend their kitchen.

Orangeries were generally built facing south to take advantage of the maximum possible light, and were constructed using brick or stone bases, brick or stone pillars, and a corbel gutter. They also featured large, tall windows to maximise available sunlight in the afternoons, with the north facing walls built without windows in a very heavy solid brick, or occasionally with much smaller windows to be able to keep the rooms warm. According to crawl space insulation guys, insulation at these times was one of the biggest concerns for the building of these orangeries, straw became the main material used, and many had wooden shutters fitted to keep in the warmth. An early example of the type of construction can be seen at Kensington Palace, which also featured underfloor heating.

Orangery Build.

The orangery is becoming very popular over the country and can vary in price due to the style of doors being used, or the style and type of roof lanterns being used.

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