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Basement Conversion, is Value for money.
Modern Living.
Maxamise Living Space.
Modern living.
Add Value to your property.
Add Value to your property.
Maximise your investment.
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Liverpool waterproofing Basement Conversions .

If you live in Liverpool or the North of England, then converting your cellar or basement is a smart investment. Not only will it add value to your home but it is an affordable way to expand your living space.

Many people in the UK choose to convert their basement. At Ashwater Construction we have worked with customers who wanted to create extra bedrooms and extra living space. Others use their cellar conversion as a home office or even a gym.
Basement refurbishment can change a home entirely as you will have more room to do what you want with your home. You can find more details about cellar and basement conversion below.
Is Your Cellar Suitable for A Conversion?
This is a question we are often asked at Ashwater Construcion . We can help you to find out if your cellar or below ground area is suitable for refurbishment. You can call one of our local teams to organise a basement & cellar survey.
By having a survey completed at your property, you will get all the answers you need when it comes to basement waterproofing regulations and what work needs to be completed by our cellar conversion team. 
If you would like to take your dreams of a cellar conversion to reality contact us . At Ashwater Construction  our teams are fully trained and highly experienced, qualified in the area of cellar conversions. They will give you the appropriate advice and value for money cost for your cellar conversion.
Preparing Your Cellar for Conversion
We are often asked by our cellar conversion customers what they need to do before their basement conversion. Before any work on your cellar goes ahead you will need to remove anything that is being stored inside of it. In some cases, our clients need to excavate the floor to increase the height and also make safe the foundations of your property.
Waterproofing Your Cellar
Home waterproofing is extremely important in any cellar conversion project. As the Cellar or Basement is below ground level then water from the ground can enter and flood the area. Efficient and effective waterproofing should never be missed out in the refurbishment process as water can creep in, ruining your furniture, carpets, wall fabric and decorations that you have purchased for your new basement room. 
At Ashwater Construction liverpool basement conversion we offer a modern cellar waterproofing system. When you choose a cellar conversion with us we will install a water management system which channels the water as it enters the cellar. Once the water has been collected it is then disposed of safely out of the basement keeping your room dry.
When investing in a cellar it is important that you spend your money wisely. Paying more for a cellar that is water proofed is the best long term solution. Allowing damp or wet conditions to enter your home can allow dry rot and wet rot to thrive or poor air humidity affecting your property.
Cellars lie below the ground and possibly the water table which means they are an area of the home that can become vulnerable to the pressure of water and moisture from the ground against the walls and floor. This can lead to  problems. Due to pressure, it is possible for the masonry to crack. Keep in mind that even the smallest crack can cause a huge amount of damage to your home.
Finishing Touches

We can help you through the whole process, offering our professional advice and services. Every cellar conversion is different and your new cellar may require plumbing and electrical alterations. If you are planning on using your cellar for storage, we would recommend that you improve the ventilation in your new space.

It is important that you decide what the new refurbished basement will be used for as a bedroom requires upgraded refurbishment from a basic store area as people will be living in the space. This will be discussed with our surveyor on site and an appropriate specification will be developed to suit the type of use you want for your cellar conversion. 
Cellar Conversion Options

If you have decided that your home needs a cellar conversion, then there are hundreds of ideas to think about. If you have a growing family and need extra space, then a cellar conversion is an excellent option. 

If you would like to expand your home to make the most of the space you have then there are many options. You can add a home cinema, home gymnasium or even office space. We have been installing cellar conversions for a number of years and our clients are always delighted with the results. Converting your cellar is something that you will not regret and it will add extra value to your property.


This is just one idea for your basement conversion, however, it is extremely popular. UK home owners love basement conversions as they Increase their home adding extra space in the property using areas that were not used before due to damp issues.
If you are happy with your home but need extra space this is an excellent choice. Many families choose to have a cellar conversion completed as they need extra room.
For some adding an extra room means that they can create a guest room for friends/family to stay over. Whatever you require a cellar conversion for we can help you with our expertise.

Living Space

The cellar can be a great place to add a family games room. This is something that the whole family can enjoy. This will give you extra space to add that pool table or games station that you have always wanted.
You can also turn the cellar area into a separate living room for you or the kids. The options are endless and lots of families choose to do this as their families grow older. For examples of our work, get in touch today.
Home Office 
The modern professional checks their email 24/7. If you like to catch up with work at the weekend or if you run a home based business, Liverpool based builder Ashwater construction can convert your cellar into a brand new office.
Many entrepreneurs have decided to do this as it saves on renting costs for start-up businesses. Many people prefer to work from home and as the cellar is separate from the rest of the property, you will feel secluded, giving you the peace and quiet you need for working away from the office. 
Fitness room
Gym memberships can cost a lot over time and many people have chosen to create their own gym space in the comfort of their own cellar. Over the past few years we have helped hundreds of families make the most of their cellar. A basement conversion is an excellent choice for fitness fanatics, you can find out more during your consultation about the average cost of cellar conversion for this purpose. 

Cellar Conversions in Liverpool and North West

Many houses in Liverpool and surrounding areas have existing damp Cellars or Basements. We have completed hundreds of cellar conversions in Edinburgh, Glasgow and across Scotland. For more information on any of the projects we have completed get in touch with your local Richardson and Starling branch today and we can send our local basement conversion team out to your home for a consultation. 

Cellar Renovation

Is your cellar currently not in use? Let our cellar conversion experts have a look at it. Some inspiration may be what you need to give your home extra living space. During your consultation we will talk you through all of the ideas above. For our experts to give you the best cost of basement conversion for your home, they will visit your property for a full survey of the cellar. From there they will give you conversion ideas, basement damp and waterproofing basement options.

Cellar Conversion Costs

We touched on the cost of a basement conversion above. Every property is different and it will depend on the size and structure of your home. It will also depend on what you want to use the basement for. Some homes require huge basement conversion projects, while other projects can be completed in no time at all. 

Our prices for cellar conversions and cellar renovations vary depending on the package you choose and the amount of work which needs to be completed. We can give you an estimated price over the phone and a quote after a home survey. 
We are open and honest with our basement conversion customers and we will always give you the best price for the package that you choose.
Peace of Mind Guarantee
We take our clients Basement & Cellar conversions and waterproofing problems extremely seriously. We can create a lasting solution for your conversion needs! To give you peace of mind we offer a 10-year guarantee on our basement & Cellar waterproofing systems that you can trust! For more information, give us call today!

Liverpool Basement Conversions

If you are interested in cellar renovation or converting a basement we can help. At Ashwater Construction we provide property owners in Liverpool and the North West from our extensive local branch network across with basement conversion options. 

By choosing a quality property care expert we can help you get the best result when you are converting a basement. With over eight decades of experience we have proven that we can handle any problem and provide quality services at affordable prices for our customers in and around Liverpool
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